LBL Magazine Feature: Why Fostering, TNR’ing, Spaying and Neutering are Important

This months Long Beach Living Magazine’s “Pet Corner” focuses on the importance of fostering, TNR’ing, sadorable-animal-art-271955paying and neutering pets. Be sure to pick up a copy!

You can read the article here, or enjoy the text below.

When kittens, other animals, and elderly pets are brought into shelters, they are exposed to diseases that their small bodies are not equipped to fight off. Kittens that are brought to shelters usually do not make it out. Another group that usually never makes it out are the elderly pets. Here’s how you can help.

When you reach out to local rescue groups and sign up to foster, you are literally saving lives. Since it is kitten season right now, (who are we kidding, there really has not been a break in “kitten sea-son” for several years now) by signing up with a res- cue you are taking kittens from that rescue so that they can take in more kittens that need their help.

When you foster, you do not need tons of space especially if you are fostering the tiny kittens. All you need is space separate from your other pets say a laundry room or bathroom. If you have the real small ones, you can use a pet crate or even Tupperware because they are so tiny, they can just go with you. You also will need some time to give them and room in your heart to share with them. What you will get in return is an amazing gift knowing that you helped save these innocent lives and gave them the extra time needed to get them to the adoptable stage.

Between two to seven weeks is the crucial socialization period for kittens. This is where fostering can help so many kittens get adopted by getting them used to humans and human contact. When you sign up to foster elderly pets, you are giving them a place to spend their elderly years and hopefully find a forever home, where their remaining years can be spent in a loving, warm home. adorable-animal-bed-236606.jpg

Kumo’s Proud Tails and Whiskers is a rescue group that has volunteers who live in the Long Beach area, that are helping other rescue groups with the crucial TNR (Trap Neuter Return) program. These volunteers know how crucial it is to help get the cat population under control. They do so by sterilizing community cats so the population does not increase, instead it stabilizes and they can survive where they are. Every time Kumo’s Proud Tails and Whiskers have been called about a cat in trouble or cats needing to be trapped and fixed, they have come to the rescue. If you are interested in helping this amazing rescue with donations, supplies, and/or fostering, here is the link to their rescue:

Another way to help is to make sure your own pets are spayed and neutered. There is NO reason to have an unneutered or unfixed pet. The population of unwanted pets is out of control and by ensuring your pets are fixed, this will help our rescue groups tremendously!


Q&A With Alexis for Long Beach Living Magazine

Long Beach Living magazine recently reached out to me for an interview about AJ’s Au Pair for Pets and I was more than happy to participate. I know that many clients and potential clients have questions about In-Home pet sitting. When it comes to your fur babies, who wouldn’t want to know all the details? You want to know who your pets are spending time with! Hopefully this article will provide you with some answers.

Please grab a copy of the June 2018 addition and check out the article, or read the PDF here: Long Beach Living June Q+A with Alexis of AJ’s Au Pair for Pets.AlexisLongBeachLivingJune-page-001
Q. Why do pet owners hire an in home pet sitter?
A. The top reason is “peace of mind.” You want to know that while away, your fur or
feathered babies are in the hands of someone you trust to step into your role. Most pets
do not like change, so having someone come into their environment, that focuses on
providing them with lots of tlc and attention, is another reason in home pet sitting is the
best choice for many.

Q. What qualities should I look for in a pet sitter?
A. In hiring a pet sitter, it should be someone you 100% trust to look after your pets and
home. When I am pet sitting, I set up an album for each pet on my Facebook page.
Pictures are taken and posted throughout each day. This way you can check and see
what we’re doing. This adds more comfort and reassurance so you can fully enjoy your
stay away. Also, a quality pet sitter should communicate any changes in the pet’s
behavior no matter how small.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. Pricing varies depending on whether you want someone to stay overnight, visit once
or several times a day. AJ’s Au Pair for Pets prices are: Basic Visit: $20 for 30-45
minutes; perfect for quick walks, play, and feeding. Extended Visit: $30 for 45-60
minutes; recommended for multiple pet households or pets requiring special care, VIP
Visit: $40-60-90 minutes; includes extensive play time, longer walks, and activities.
Additional Pets: Add $5/pet. Overnight stay prices vary.

Q. What happens in the case of an emergency?
A. If the unthinkable happens and a medical emergency occurs, your directives should
be approved beforehand and followed. Where your pet’s vet is located and providing pet
sitter authorization for the vet to treat the pet while away is important. Emergency
procedures that you are comfortable with should be agreed upon before leaving.

Q. How can I tell if they’re trustworthy and experienced?
A. My family and I have lived in Park Estates for many years so most of my business is
referrals and word of mouth. Online reviews are always informative, however speakingto current or former clients is best. You want someone who is local, well known,
experienced and has an impeccable reputation.

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AJ’s Au Pair for Pets

Welcome friends! At AJ’s Au Pair for Pets, we know how important it is to anticipate our furry friend’s needs. This is why we work to accommodate all of our clients needs, whether they have fur, fins or feathers.  Take a moment to explore our services to find the schedule that works best for you. With walks, feedings, and in-home and over-night pet care, you never have to worry about leaving your fur babies.


The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated. — Mahatma Gandhi